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APEX REPLICA SUOMY - Οι αποστολές είναι δωρεάν για παραγγελίες άνω των 100 €.

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  Οι τεχνικοί της Suomy μελέτησαν το νέο κράνος από την αρχή και δημιούργησαν νέες μεθόδους παραγωγής, χρησιμοποιώντας ακόμη και ανεμοσήραγγα ώστε να καταφέρουν να πετύχουν χαμηλό θόρυβο και σωστή αεροδυναμική σχεδίαση. Το ισχυρότερο σημείο στο νέο Apex είναι το κέλυφος του. Κατασκευάζεται απο fiberglass και ανθρακονήματα με διαφορετική πυκνότητα και αντοχή στα διάφορα σημεία του κέλυφους ανάλογα με τις απαιτήσεις. Το αποτέλεσμα είναι ένα κέλυφος ανθεκτικό και ελαφρύ (μόλις 1200gr). Το κέλυφος του Apex κατασκευάζεται σε τρία διαφορετικά μεγέθη. Η επένδυση είναι πλήρως αφαιρούμενη και κατασκευάζεται από υλικό Coolmax, που απορροφά τον ιδρώτα και διατηρεί τον αναβάτη στεγνό και φρέσκο αυξάνοντας την άνεση.

Apex, the new fibre helmet by SUOMY was designed giving maximum consideration to internal comfort, construction technology, reliability, and safety for both rider and racer.
As per SUOMY tradition, APEX continues with its external sport design while at the same time assuring the comfort that only a "top-of-the-line" helmet can give.
Using 360 degree scientific knowledge, the APEX has been designed and tested in wind tunnels to optimize external flow while taking serious consideration to the internal ventilation.
State of the art technical solutions were used in the design and manufacture of this helmet. The new materials used in construction gives the shell a unique rigidity while maintaining considerable lightness in the overall weight of the helmet.


  • Shell available in three sizes (M, L and XL), and made in Italy. The new composite material is a combination of carbon in various grammages and aramidic fibre.
  • Internal polystyrene protective liner, available in three sizes (M, L and XL). The special shape and construction featuring differentiated density increases mechanical resistance in the event of accidental shocks.
  • The face shield is pressed and cut from a flat sheet and then thermoformed. Each face shield is a one-of-a-kind piece with unequalled optical features and mechanical resistance. Moreover, thanks to this process, there is no need to apply overlapping lenses inside the face shield since it is equipped with permanent “anti-fog” and “anti-scratch” treatments.
  • TheD-RINGretentionsystem,designedandpatented by Suomy: this reliable and tested double D ring systemensures stability, safety and resistance.


  • • Removable and washable cheek pads are available in different thicknesses for complete customization of the final product.
  • • Completely removable and washable internal shell is in different thicknesses for complete customization of the final product.
  • • The removable internal shell has been ergonomically designed for a uniform and controlled fit of the entire head. The visible aeration slots ensure that incoming air thermo-regulates the inside of the helmet and that the flow of hot air is easily discharged from the rear.
  • The internal elements (cheek pads and internal shell) are made entirely of COOLMAX® ACTIVE fabric with INTERPOWER treatment:

               - Wicks sweat away from the body;
              - Keeps the user fresh, dry and comfortable;
              - Lightweight, soft and breathable fabric;
             - Performance verified and certified by ADVANSA.


  • Polystyrene with grooves to direct the incoming air flow.
  • Upper air intake with on/off switch to control the helmet’s internal ventilation.
  • Adjustable chin-guard air intake to control the helmet’s internal ventilation.
  • Spoiler and rear exhaust vents that facilitate the discharge of the incoming air flow.


  • Rear spoiler: made from polycarbonate the spoiler has been subjected to wind tunnel research and testing so that the point of detachment of the aerodynamic flow is shifted as far away as possible from the shell. This results in less turbulence and therefore fewer vibrations on the helmet itself.